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International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM)

ICGEM is one of five services coordinated by the International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) of the  International Association of Geodesy (IAG).
The other services are:

Services of ICGEM

Some ICGEM related documents

Please cite our service as:

Barthelmes, F. &  Köhler, W., 2016
International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM),
in: Drewes, H., Kuglitsch, F., Adám, J. et al.,
The Geodesists Handbook 2016,
Journal of Geodesy (2016), 90(10), pp 907-1205,
doi: 10.1007/s00190-016-0948-z

ICGEM Centre's staff at GFZ Potsdam

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