Global Gravity Field Models

We kindly ask the authors of the models to check the links to the original websites of the models from time to time.
Please let us know if something has changed.

The table can be interactively re-sorted by clicking on the column header fields (Nr, Model, Year, Degree, Data, Reference).
The buttons and in the last columns of the table directly invoke the Calculation Service and Visualization page for the selected model.
For models with a registered doi ("digital object identifier") the last column contains the symbol , which directly opens the page on "".
The full reference of each model is displayed as 'tooltip' if you move the mouse over the table cell. The complete list of references can be found in the references section.
Nr Model Year Degree Data Reference download calculate show doi

(Data: S = Satellite Tracking Data, G = Gravity Data, A = Altimetry Data)