Gravity Field Solutions for dedicated Time Periods

GFZ  /  GFZ Release 06 (GFO)  /  60x60  /  unfiltered

Citation: Dahle, C, Flechtner, F, Murböck, M, Michalak, G, Neumayer, K H, Abrykosov, O, Reinhold, A, and König, R 2019 GRACE-FO Geopotential GSM Coefficients GFZ RL06. DOI:
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international   CC-BY

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You can also find these files at Release 06 (GFO)/60x60/unfiltered.

GSM-2_2018152-2018181_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2018182-2018199_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2018295-2018313_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2018305-2018334_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2018335-2018365_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019001-2019031_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019026-2019063_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.4 KiB)
GSM-2_2019060-2019090_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019091-2019120_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019121-2019151_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019152-2019181_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019182-2019212_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019213-2019243_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019244-2019273_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2019274-2019304_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.2 KiB)
GSM-2_2019305-2019334_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.2 KiB)
GSM-2_2019335-2019365_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.2 KiB)
GSM-2_2020001-2020031_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2020032-2020060_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2020061-2020091_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2020092-2020121_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2020122-2020152_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2020153-2020182_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)
GSM-2_2020183-2020213_GRFO_GFZOP_BA01_0600.gfc gfc  (148.3 KiB)