Gravity Field Solutions for dedicated Time Periods


You can download all the models in this set as zip  (3.4 MiB) or you can find subsets and single model files below.
It can take a moment to generate the zip file for you.
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quarterly zip  (3.4 MiB)

quarterly zip  (3.4 MiB)
GSM-2_MODEL_GRFO_COSTG_BF01_01op_2106.gfc gfc  (2.5 MiB)
GSM-2_MODEL_GRFO_COSTG_BF01_01op_2109.gfc gfc  (2.5 MiB)
GSM-2_MODEL_GRFO_COSTG_BF01_01op_2112.gfc gfc  (2.5 MiB)
GSM-2_MODEL_GRFO_COSTG_BF01_01op_2203.gfc gfc  (2.5 MiB)
GSM-2_MODEL_GRFO_COSTG_BF01_01op_2206.gfc gfc  (2.5 MiB)