Gravity Field Solutions for dedicated Time Periods


Citation: Koch, I, Duwe, M, Flury, J, and Shabanloui, A 2020 LUH-GRACE-FO-2020. DOI:
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international   CC-BY
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LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2018-06_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2018-07_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2018-10_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2018-11_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2018-12_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-01_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-02_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-03_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-04_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-05_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-06_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-07_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-08_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-09_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-10_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-11_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2019-12_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-01_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-02_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-03_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-04_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-05_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-06_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-07_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-08_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-09_k.gfc gfc  (540.8 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-10_k.gfc gfc  (545.5 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-11_k.gfc gfc  (545.5 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2020-12_k.gfc gfc  (545.5 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-01_k.gfc gfc  (545.5 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-02_k.gfc gfc  (545.5 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-03_k.gfc gfc  (545.5 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-04_k.gfc gfc  (545.9 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-05_k.gfc gfc  (545.9 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-06_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-07_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-08_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-09_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-10_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-11_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2021-12_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2022-01_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2022-02_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2022-03_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2022-04_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2022-05_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)
LUH-GRACE-FO-2020_2022-06_k.gfc gfc  (541.3 KiB)