Gravity Field Models of other Celestial Bodies

We kindly ask the authors of the models to check the links to the original websites of the models from time to time.
Please let us know if something has changed.

The table can be interactively re-sorted by clicking on the column header fields (Nr, Model, Year, Degree, Data, Reference).
In the data column, the datasets used in the development of the models are summarized, where S is for satellite (e.g., GRACE, GOCE, LAGEOS), A is for altimetry, and G for ground data (e.g., terrestrial, shipborne and airborne measurements).

It is not planned to offer the complete service of ICGEM also for non-Earth gravity field models. Nevertheless, we think it could be useful to compile also some gravity field models of other celestial bodies for downloading and for use in our visualisation and calculation service.